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It is with a very heavy heart that we write this post


Today, Sunday, January 17, 2021, our good friend and team member, Kenneth (Kenny) Koury passed away due to complications from COVID-19.


Kenny loved working at MB Lounge, especially his Wednesday night Karaoke and Saturday dance party shifts.  He enjoyed getting to know our customers and always looked forward to seeing them each week.


When not at the bar, you could find Kenny either helping a friend run errands, at the grocery store or at a nursery looking for new plants to add to his already amazing gardens.  


If you had the opportunity to get to know him outside of the bar like we did, you'd know that Kenny was the type of person that made you feel welcome at his home whether your first time there or your 100th.  No matter what time of day you were there, he always made sure you had eaten, and if not, would bring out this elaborate spread he prepared and would tell you that he loved to cook and how he had learned from his grandmother at a young age.  And if you had already eaten, you were sure to be leaving with some items to enjoy at home.


In memory of Kenny, the flag will fly at half-staff through the end of January.  We will truly miss his smile, laugh, stories and the joy we had working with him.


To Kenny's children- Kayla and Spencer, his partner Bob, his family, friends and loved ones, please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers as you navigate through this difficult time.  Always know that the memories made with him will be relived through remembering him daily.


For all who have lost someone dear to them, our hearts are with you all ❤️

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